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My Support

annecto My Support provides flexible support to match your needs

annecto's trained staff can help to plan, coordinate and deliver what you need to live well at any stage of life. We match our staff to you so you share a common language, interests or outlook in life. Sometimes you need a little bit of help for a short time, and sometimes you'd prefer more.

annecto is there for you, as little or as much as you need.

We can help you: 

  • plan to help navigate major life events, such as leaving school, looking for work, retirement and ageing
  • link to other networks and services in the community.

My Support may include:

  • linking you to community groups or catching up with friends
  • personal care
  • meal preparation
  • transport
  • sleepovers home care
  • active overnights
  • respite
  • supporting children during school holiday activities.
Can we help you with
   your question today? 

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