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Amazing things happen

When you become a Partner with annecto…

annecto offers guidance and resources for you to participate in your community, and to take responsibility for shaping your own life.

We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure our respective goals complement, and that we learn from each  other’s experience.

Choosing to become a Partner means you can work as much or as little with us depending on what we can both gain from the partnership.

Victoria University lecturers arranged for their school of advertising and PR students to combine educational learning with real-life work experience on annecto projects.  Making close friends was a happy by-product!

A number of partnering organisations came together to ensure the best outcome for a group of people undergoing qualifications in Work Education. Training organisation Mediquest provided training in gardening and cooking to help students learn skills for work placement. Case Management consultancy Encompass paid the students to do course. Once the students have graduated annecto Job Connections will place the graduates into respective jobs placement.  This is a good example of partnering synergy to get the best outcome for people.

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