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Is membership right for you?

Membership is much more than about giving a nominal sum of money to subscribe…

Membership qualification adopts a values-based approach rather than the current subscription model.  annecto is a network of independent, self-organising human relationships- and in recognition of this, we’d like to engage a mix of members on matters of governance and offer members the opportunity to participate in annecto initiatives and reward those who have demonstrated outstanding participation. annecto have a large number of stakeholder groups including the people we support, carers, families, members, Board members, friends, volunteers, staff, creditors, contractors and community representatives.  The strength of these groups is particularly powerful: “There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Meg Wheatley, organisational behaviour management consultant.

annecto offers people the opportunity to participate in the life of annecto as community facilitators. Membership application therefore is based on meaningful participation such as participation in training, stakeholder relation or strategic planning.

Why do we have membership?

annecto is an incorporated organisation, and accordingly has a membership which annually elects members of the board of governance and receives board reports.  By establishing “meaningful participation” as the basis upon which a membership application may be made, the board is able to receive applications and consider each on the basis of the applicant’s participation. The board has the delegated authority to consider each application on merit and is encouraged to consider accordingly.

People, Diversity, Empowerment

People: As a membership based Community inclusion organisation, annecto values participation from all people.

Diversity :annecto values our principle of diversity and celebrates our differences. 

Empowerment: annecto values meaningful participation by all people.  People with the ability to offer a membership subscription, and those who participate as volunteers are also providing meaningful participation. 

 For more information about membership for meaningful participation in support of the work of annecto, please call Glenn Lawless on (03) 9687 7066 or send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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